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How can I plan a safe trip to Vietnam?


How can I plan a safe trip to Vietnam?

    • Mikedellgolf

      I am a 21 years old male and I plan to take a trip to Vietnam in May ’23 and stay there for six months before coming back to the US and starting my professional career. I plan on playing a lot of golf and tennis while I am in Vietnam while traveling from Hanoi to Saigon during my six months stay. I was born and raised in the US but my parents are Vietnamese and I’ve never been to Vietnam. I have relatives in both Ha Noi and Saigon but I don’t know them. How can I plan a safe trip to Vietnam and not get scammed when I am there? How much money do I need in order to have a very comfortable trip for six months?
      I heard from my cousins who visited Vietnam on a regular basis that the women in Vietnam are very aggressive in chasing guys from the US who are good looking, highly educated and have money. I have all three. Where can I find a “local” who can help me navigate these pitfalls? Thank you in advance.

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